S21sec, a multinational company specializing 100% in Cybersecurity, and development-oriented technology, with a wide range of great innovation. It was founded in 2000 and has more than 240 certified experts. Research and development have been a priority in the strategy S21sec since its inception. It has driven to create the first R + D + i specializing in cyber security across Europe. S21sec is present in the most important banks, and also operates in many of the companies that constitute the Ibex 35 and Dow Jones50. With an international presence entrenched based mainly on Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Mexico, and growing in these markets and internationally. S21sec offers comprehensive protection and prevention solutions to incidents worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More information

S21sec has extensive expertise in the development of solutions adapted to the needs of the banking industry, and specifically to those of the ATM infrastructure. In a global context where targeted logical attacks are one of the major concerns in ATM fraud and criminals are extremely agile and innovative in producing new types of malware, S21sec can help optimize our clients’ cyber risk management capabilities providing cutting-edge technology and advanced cybersecurity services.

Our product Lookwise Device Manager allows an organization to manage the security of its ATM network by centrally protecting, monitoring and controlling their ATM equipment. Designed as an integrated security solution, it provides the most advanced and most effective countermeasure capabilities to stop the new generation of logical attacks.

From the in-depth knowledge of digital threats, our advanced cybersecurity services help organizations to analyze and mitigate malicious activity. A combination of technology and intelligence is used to provide the latest information on new malware and its behavior.

And also S21sec offers an extensive range of services to ensure secure information systems within organizations, called CTIC Services and distributed in three business parts Advanced cybersecurity services, professional services, SOC/CERT services

Its broad offer, the emphasis placed on R&D and its continuous improvement targets contribute to attaining a high and demanding level of quality for all its services. All S21sec services encompass the entire security cycle, minimizing risks in information systems.


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