ATMIA, in conjunction with its members, offers a compressive set of educational courses and reference materials that address current industry issues and trends.

  • ATMIA Academy
    The ATMIA Academy offers eTraining for the ATM industry. This includes job-specific training for ATM Operators which leads to certification and ATM security training which describes the most common security threats to ATMs and how to mitigate the risk.
  • Market Research Library
    An online library of resources for the ATM industry on current issues and trends in the global marketplace.
  • Business Empowerment Portal
    The Business Empowerment Portal is focused on ATM business operation. It includes collections of links to relevant resources, like Best Practices, as well as an interactive map that will take you to regional pages of industry data.
  • Global ATM Benchmarking
    ATM Benchmarking provides a bank or independent ATM deployer with a scorecard of its organizational performance measured against its competitors, nationally, regionally and globally. Benchmarking metrics highlight areas requiring improvement as well as identify best practices.
  • ATM Consulting & Training
    Our team of experienced experts in all areas of the ATM and payments sectors are available to assist your business in addressing a wide range of issues, problems and challenges.
  • Business Efficiency Model
    Business Efficiency Model and Information for the ATM Industry.
  • Global ATM Pictogram
    This is ATMIA's official global ATM pictogram. It has been successfully tested in three cultures - the United Kingdom, Iran and Korea as part of the registration process with the International Organization for Standardization for creating a global public sign or standard symbol for the ATM.
  • Glossary of ATM Terms
    A collection of international ATM terms for several areas dealing within the ATM industry.
  • Security
    Global information on security alerts and talking points within the ATM industry.
  • Introduction to Bitcoin ATMs
    Comprehensive analysis that offers an overview of the history of BitCoin, how the currency works, recent controversies, the evolving regulatory landscape, and the expanding role of BitCoin ATMs.
  • Bitcoin: Virtual Currency with Real Opportunities
    This report presents a history and comprehensive international analysis of BitCoin, while at the same time showing how virtual currencies and ATM systems can interface for their mutual benefit.
  • ATM OS Migration Cost Model for Deployers
    A release of a new migration cost model for ATM deployers to use as a tool to calculate costs of different migration strategies to new operating systems.

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